Blue Spark

by Lost Wax Collective

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released September 1, 2017

Vocals: Alivia Ruiz
Drums & Cymbals: Brendon Caroselli
Bass Guitar: Sunny Zaman
Keyboards: Akshay Bhasin
Guitar: Mike Corey
Percussion: Michael VanMunster
Trumpet: Oliver Haynes
Saxophone: Anthony LaPenna (on all but "Almost pt. 2" and "Deceit")
Saxophone: Craig Abraham (on "Almost pt. 2" and "Deceit")
Trombone: Will Zimmer

All tracks composed by Lost Wax Collective
All lyrics composed by Alivia Ruiz

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Aderman at Big Blue North - Utica, NY

Mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall at More Sound Studio - Syracuse, NY


all rights reserved



Lost Wax Collective Rochester, New York

Lost Wax Collective was formed in the fall of 2016 in Rochester, NY. Their debut album, "Blue Spark", came out in June of 2017.

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Track Name: Almost pt. 1
While I’m playing in my mind space
To grant myself some grace
I suppose I’ll try to own my penchant to inspire
Both pain and pleasure
One never seems to come without the other
So I suppose I’ll let the words flow
When they need to

Pretense has no place here
I’ll be sniffed out for my low pair
I’ve taken on a character
To get somewhere
Track Name: Almost pt. 2
I don’t even want to think of starting over
I thought heaven would be so so much closer
I don’t even wanna think of being recycled
But I know matter to and fro is all the same cycle
But then again, I’d rather be in the earth than brick and concrete
Then again I’d rather be basil and honey than ignorant speech
I’d rather be, I’d rather be, I’d rather be, in the air

The task at hand seems overwhelming
Diving into shadow breaks my heart to mending
Forgotten pieces buried faceless
Feeling into dark to rope the anchor baseless
Beliefs have luckily found their way that gush good luck
Tart tickling tongue shapes natures bounty
A good friend under my care
Hauling my most peaceful days through sieved green

Hallelujah to the miracles I’ve seen
But not in the way you may believe
The trees speak the dead live on
Seen things when young haunt strong
Dive taught that string to ankle in mind chasing
A dual buzzing in the ears
And a vision crushing tears through me
Traveling through open frames
Having yet to print on spiraled particle bone
Track Name: Tiger Hymn
(Lyrics performed live)

Half my true self veiled in paleness
The other half through curves my body vibrates in this space
Chaos woven but still drawing lovers to it
Inviting them to share in the red from my split

Mixed race baby missing a language
Inheriting the legacy of daddy’s harassment
Teacher called him stupid cause he could speak English
Now my cultures’ muted, ain’t that some bullshit!
Track Name: No Thanks
I saw those leaves fall
And the fruit turn sour
But I’ll keep thriving on

Too bad, so damn sad
Went the way of the power grab
Gold touch turn to ash

Shade thrown too close my way
No thanks, I’ll take my leave
And make what I want

The embarrassing admission
Is that I left to see you fall
You made your choice and now we’ll see how this goes

The embarrassing admission
Is that I left to see you crumble
You made your choice and now I’m traveling a different road

Looks like
Looks like
Looks like…


Looks like
Looks like
Looks like…

Looks like you’ve got the Midas curse
Looks like you’ve got the Midas curse
Looks like you’ve got the Midas curse
Track Name: Deceit
Races in mind are hard won
I didn’t want to look back or run
Stuck in entropy
I left the surface of this world to explore my divides

The jitter often leaves me
Aching for motion
Up and down break through
And drown intentionally
Excess and depravity no new dichotomy
Track Name: OTT
(Lyrics performed live)

Oscillating violently between grandeur and self-hatred
I thought what I wanted was sacred
I misinterpreted the lines my skin creased when I smiled
I tore my happy vision from split bone and hide

What has transpired…

A skeletal familiarity gone
What I wished I had was seen buried in the compromising laughs
Pocked and opaque, I refuse to dwell on other than my nature
Being led by the nose to my patience
What has transpired is not a mistake
But the forming of glacier over fiery self-hatred
Track Name: New Five
They say I am God, but what am I willing to change
I broke a few good beliefs grinding against the grain
They say I have sway over my environment
How the hell do I believe it with all this regret

They keep telling me to keep a positive mindset
Little did I know that avoidance of the negative
Would leave me in the dark and afraid of myself
Turns out it’s not either or it’s everything and more

Goodbye peace of mind
So illusively sly
Goodbye peace of mind
I guess I, I guess I, I guess I,
Guess I’ve got to say goodbye
Track Name: Blue Spark
Blue spark take me over
Knowledge is useless without its practice
Inner will give me a call
Some things I know I’ll have to cut off

Orange womb birth me a song
That grips strong my conscience
Put here in matter for a purpose
Fates’ strings tight enough to squeeze it out

Why do I have so many strings tied to my fingers
I forget it’s impossible to please everyone
Don’t mind me, but could you bug off for just one second
I just need some time to get my thoughts straight for once

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